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Welcome to The Revue! Find out what's playing, check out our innovative programs and more. Follow this link for ticket prices and directions. And don't forget, for the time being you can park free at the Howard Public School lot when classes are not in session on the south side of Howard Park Ave., just west of Roncesvalles. 

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In 1769, after the death of her mother, a young Dido Elizabeth Belle (Lauren Julien-Box) is brought to the home of her naval officer father’s… (more)

Next showtime: Thu Jul 24 @ 9:30 PM

Beatlemania at The Revue: July 31, 7 p.m.

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Fifty years ago on August 11, 1964, the Beatles’ first film, A Hard Day’s Night, premiered in Toronto at four theatres, including the… (more)Last updated: Jul 23, 2014 07:27
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The Big Shadow returns: Thursday, July 24, 6:45 p.m.

Detective fiction series with Geoff Pevere features Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye

Our quarterly crime spree at the cinema and the High Park Library continues with Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye, in The Big Shadow series, curated by critic and crime fiction aficionado, Geoff Pevere. We screen Robert Altman’s adaptation of what many consider Chandler’s greatest novel on Thursday, July 24, starting at 6:45 p.m., and follow it up with a discussion of the book and Chandler’s other works at the library…

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Remembering Pablo Neruda: Sunday, July 20, 3 p.m.

With readings of his poetry, an introduction to his life and work, and the wonderful film Il Postino

  Pablo Neruda was: *One of the greatest poets of the 20th century. *A Nobel Laureate for literature (1971). *An ardent Communist *A diplomat.  *A politician and elected senator. *A close friend and advisor of Chile’s socialist president Salvador Allende *A rock star of poets, who could fill a stadium with tens of thousands of people for his poetry readings. He was born  July 12, 1904, and died September 23, 1973, days after…

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Trash Palace Comes to The Revue Cinema!

The Trash Palace is a group of 16mm film collectors screening obscure, forgotten films in Toronto. The series starts with "Destroy All Planets" features Gamera, a giant flying turtle from space that loves all the children of Earth. Gamera upsets some aliens who set out to kill him. Can children help Gamera defeat the aliens? Originally entitled Gamera vs Viras and released in 1968, this film can be enjoyed by all ages, and will be presented in a…

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Cult Classics Series


Cult Classics May-August! Our Cult Classics series continues this month with a couple of two offbeat musicals.  Brian DePalma and Paul Williams unite to create a crazy midnight pairing of Faust & The Phantom of the Opera with Phantom of the Paradise playing July 23rd.  ON July 30, Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and a host of others encounter a man eating venus fly trap!  This is the rarely seen on the big screen…

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